Customized Magnetic Lifter Handling Irregularly Shaped Metal Cut Workpiece

This case will tell you why using customized magnetic lifter to replace permanent lifting magnets in handling irregularly shaped metal plate cut workpiece.

Shown in the below is a part of the workshop in engineering machinery industry, manufacturing digger and mechanical loader. They need to load steel plate onto the cutting table and then, unload the cut piece after the cutting procedure, with the same set of lifting device.
Previously they were using 2 permanent lifting magnets plus a simply self-made beam to move the plate and the cut part, as the following picture shows.

Later they approached us to order a customized magnetic lifter to solve their handling problem, due to the following disadvantages of permanent magnetic lifters:

✦Poor safety: the workpiece tends to drop when being lifted by this device, which contributes the major reason why they turned to our battery operated steel magnetic lifter.

Low handling efficiency: each loading or unloading cycle requires manually switching on & off to clamp on or release the metal piece; also manual separation of sheets is required to avoid picking up 2 sheets one time.

HVR MAGs solution: tailor designed and manufactured magnetic lifting device, with four small magnet lifters mounted on each of the corners of the frame. The technology we’re using is electro permanent magnets, which consume no power during the lifting process.

Feedback from client after using our customized steel magnetic lifter:

Successfully eliminated the possibility of dropping load due to the property of this lift magnet & strong magnetic force;
Adjustable magnetic force provides flexible lifting solutions for handling steel plates of various specifications, precise single piece lifting each time;
Auto lifting mode & remote control mode both available, at client’s choice.

Have you encountered similar steel material handling problems? If so, you can get in touch with our specialist to order a customized magnetic lifter too, to assist you in the handling process. Or, visit our website to learn more about our magnetic lifting technology.

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