Robot Arm Gripper Sorting Wind Power Bolt - Magnetic VS Pneumatic

For end of arm tools, small and round part is often more difficult and challenging for robot arm gripper to handle. But there’s always be a proper gripping solution, like the following mentioned wind power bolt.

Mounted at the end of the robotic arm, is a small piece of gripping magnet, for the handling of wind power bolt. Its magnetic gripping force is specifically engineered according to the weight and size of the load.
The pick and place movements are controlled by a momentous electric pulse, which can switch on and off the magnetic force.

Previously the workshop was using pneumatic type of robot arm gripper for the sorting job. However, due to the property of pneumatic gripping mechanism, the grab of workpiece was frequently interfered, leading to poor sorting performance of bolt. Beside, the design of pneumatic gripper is much complex. Many factors need to be considered. The reliability is also not so good, frequent dropping of load due to various factors.

Then why choose magnetic gripper?

◆First, the design is simple and compact structure;
Second, it’s easy to install

Third, the magnetic gripping force is strong and stable which contributes to high reliability compared with the pneumatic type.

Other benefits like:

Ensured safety, no bolt will drop even if the power supply suddenly goes off.
More energy-saving: our magnet consumes no power in gripping state

How to choose a proper robot arm gripper?

The choice of the gripper that you settle on should be determined by the part that you intend the robot to handle. It is easier for some grippers to handle some shapes than others. For example, if the part is flat and is not raised high enough, then something that grips it from the top is the best solution.

If the part is made of ferrous material, and that its not flat or regularly shaped, then the magnetic type robot arm gripper is the best choice for the sorting job. For nonferrous materials, vacuum cups or mechanical grippers are mostly used.

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