Magnetic Gripping Heads on KUKA Robot Loading Sheet Metal for Cutting Table

Electro permanent magnets can not only be designed to lift steel sheets below the hook of overhead bridge crane, but also can be engineered as magnetic gripping heads on robot to load sheet metal onto cutting table.

HVR MAGs design of robot gripper:

Consists of 6pcs of magnetic gripping heads, utilizing two different models of electro permanent magnets: HEPMP-1007S-TGRX, HEPMP-1010S-TGRX.

The part to be handled is a piece of sheet metal, slightly curved on the surface. The robot need to grab 1 sheet each time and place it on the cutting table.
Previous way of loading sheet metal: manual handling: high labor intensity, with low handling efficiency & high labor cost; extra safety hazard.

How did they think of our magnetic gripping heads?

Pretty satisfied. Before using our magnetic gripper solution, they tried many different ways of robotic pick and place, including the vacuum cups, electromagnetic gripper, but both didnt work very well.

Thats because the sheet metal to be handled is slightly bent, which added difficulty to the stability of vacuum gripping, the sheet might drop. As the flux penetration of electromagnets is too big, using the electromagnetic gripper might pick up two or more sheets each time, unfit for the cutting job.

But with the tailor-designed magnetic gripping heads by HVR MAG, that wont be a problem:

Precise handling of one sheet metal each time, strong and stable magnetic gripping force, remaining holding of the sheet even if the power suddenly goes off, consuming zero power in gripping state, all these advantages address the difficulties and problems caused by vacuum gripping or electromagnetic gripping device.

If you happen to have ferrous parts to be handled by robots, contact our specialist to tailor magnetic gripping heads to meet your automation needs.

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