Magnetic Clamping System for Twin/Multi-Color Injection Molding Machines

For twin-injection unit, we can custom design & manufacture 180° rotary magnetic mold clamp platen on the movable side for a quick mold change.

For multi-injection press, we can tailor magnetic mold clamp platen with multi-injection nozzle on the fixed side.

HVR MAG's Magnetic Mold Clamping System allows for quick mold changeover, resulting in shorter downtime of injection molding machines without any changes to the molds. It provides a uniform mold clamping force act on whole contact surface that allows obtaining good quality parts even with the first mold, drastically reduces mold changeover time (up to 90%) compared to a conventional procedure. A single operator can easily and safely performs the operation, without working inside the machine. The highest standard of eight safety protection measures constructs a real-time protection system.


Features of HVR Magnetic Clamping System for Mold Change

1. Easy to Install

No manual adjustment needed when the mold is fixed in the tapping holes or T-slot.

2. Safety

Only uses electricity in 1-2 seconds of the MAG and DEMAG phase; no need of electricity during the working, which enables it still in the state of working even power off and would not cause any damage to operators; equipped with safe devices like distance detection, temperature detection and location detection.

3. High Efficiency

In general, it only takes 3 minutes to change a mold and the time for changing an oversize mold is decreased from 2 hours to 10min.

4. Maintenance Free

No extra costs on screws, nuts, clamps and other instruments; no distortion to the mold.

5. Simple Operation

Simple and clear operation penal enables any operator with no operating skills can operate independently in one minute.

6. Strong Magnetic Force and Safe Devices

 Magnetic force can reach 16kg/cm² and will not decrease as time goes.

Working Principle

01 Electromagnetic coil energized for 0.5 sec.

02 Pole of Alnico magnet is inverted.

03 Neodymium magnet and Alnico magnet become polar.

04 Magnetic flux of magnets is emitted on the surface of the magnet core. Thus, clamping the mold.

01 Electromagnetic coil energized for 0.5 sec.

02 Pole of Alnico magnet is inverted.

03 Magnetic flux of Neodymium magnet and Alnico magnet is not emitted from the surface of the magnet core. Thus, it unclamps the mold.


Magnetic force remain permanently after magnetization

Energy Saving

Save more than 95% of electricity


Save over 90% of mold changing time

Longer Service Life

IP67 water proof

Higher Yield

Magnetic force guarantee an ideal clamping on mold

Maintenance Free

None spare parts are needed for the platen


Operation Panel and Mounting

Human-Machine Interface

Type:HQMC-11A Length:159mm Width:122mm Height:39mm

1.Full metallic surface. High mechanical strength. High protection level.

2. Full-metal push button switch, good controllability, high protection level, safe and stable, more suitable for industrial environment.

3. Proximity Sensor .Magnetic flux contro system .Safety Key that enables the operator to perform simply and clearly.

4.Step –by step help pages with detailed explanation of each operation.

5.An alarm is generated and machine operation is inhibited.

Type:HQMC-12A Length:275mm Width:255mm Height:51mm

1.Full metallic surface. High mechanical strength. High protection level.

2.Full-metal push button switch, good controllability, high protection level, safe and stable, more suitable for industrial environment.

3.Different access profiles:Machine operator/supevisor/maintenance.

4.Graphic display of run time/mold use/opeator activities.

5.All the external keys are connected with separate I/O signal and main control box. Even if the touch screen or communication fails, the system can carry out normal mold change operation.

Installation diagram

HVR MAG Magnetic Clamping System for Molds, features 8 safety precaution attributes that make it particularly effective and safe.

1.Closeness Detection
In Mold Changing State, the surface of the mold should be in full contact and is closely clamped by magnetic platens at each side, no interval gap existed. Only in this condition can the MAG phase be realized.

2.Magnetic Flux Detection
Release of the machine is only given if the measured magnetic flux, after magnetization, reaches the standard minimum predefined safety value. If this is not the case, an error is indicated. If during the injection moulding process the magnetic flux value decreases minimally, the machine stops immediately.

3.Temperature Detection
To prevent demagnetization of the magnetic platens caused by an extremely high temperature, temperature detection is engineered to send an alarm signal if the temperature exceeds the standard value.

4.Pulse Current Value Detection
In MAG and DEMAG phases, the control system monitors the value of pulse current and will send a successful signal only when the pulse current reaches the required value.

5.Mold Dislocation Detection
Mold dislocation sensor detects the real time location of the mold in Injecting State, and will send an alarm signal if there’s a slight slide of the mold, to stop the running molding process.

6.Distance Detection
Only when the distance between the mold and magnetic platens is less than 0.2mm, the controller will authorize the proceeding of MAG and DEMAG phases, otherwise an alarm signal will be sent to stop the running of the plastic injection machine.

7.Interlock Control System
This Interlock Control System will allow the injection machine to work only on condition that all detection signals are normal, with both movable and fixed magnetic platens successfully magnetized and the key switched to Injecting State.

8.State-Switching Key Design

Using a key to switch between Mold Changing State and Injecting State. Demagnetization operation will only be valid with the key switched to Mold Changing State and DEMAG button pressed simultaneously. If the key been switched to Injecting State, MAG and DEMAG operation can not be achieved.

HVR MAG Magnetic Clamping System for Mold Change is suitable for 50-4000ton injection molding machines, vertial or horizontal, twin color or multi-color injection. Send your query below to get in touch with us.

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