Magnetic Sheet Metal Lifter for Ventilation Equipment Manufacture

When it comes to lifting thin sheet metal, most people assume that vacuum suction cups are the go-to option. However, more and more industries are turning to electro permanent lifting magnets for their sheet metal lifting needs. In this article, we will present a case study of a ventilation equipment manufacturer that switched to using these magnetic lifter.

The lifting tasks were for thin sheet metal with dimensions of 6000mm * 1500mm, weighing up to 710kg when cut. Additionally, the equipment needed to cooperate with a 5-ton single beam and single hook crane to load and move cut sheet metal. The specific lifting requirement were safety in the lifting process; handling single sheet of metal at a time; and a user-friendly control system.
The solution proposed was a electro permanent magnetic lifter, with the overall length of the magnets adjusted to between 4500mm and 5000mm specifically for the thin sheet metal. The magnetic force was increased by arranging 2 rows of 6 columns of magnetic poles, which produced a larger contact area and minimized the deformation of the sheet metal during the lifting process. The customized lifting magnet used a thin sheet metal specific magnetic pole and matching control system. These measures ensured that only one sheet of sheet metal was lifted at a time, preventing one sheet from sticking to another. Lastly, the magnet was controlled using a wireless remote control, an operation panel or a PLC, and could be magnetized or demagnetized in under three seconds.

Compared to vacuum suction cups, electro permanent magnetic lifter is easier and quicker to operate, with the ability to quickly switch between magnetized and demagnetized states in between 0.3 to 3 seconds. This results in significant time savings in the lifting and unloading process, thereby enhancing work efficiency. Furthermore, magnetic sheet metal lifter has lower requirements for the surface of the sheet metal to be lifted compared to vacuum suction cups, which require a clean and flat surface to maintain a continuous vacuum suction. It is clear that for industries handling thin sheet metal, electro permanent magnetic lifter is emerging as the premier lifting solution. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at export@hvrmagnet.com

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