Case Study: Steel Billet Lifting Magnets for Railway Wagon Manufacture

In this case the customers approached us with a challenge - they needed to overhaul their forging workshop's material handling system. Specifically, they sought a solution for unloading and loading billets for cutting. They were still relying on traditional manual lifting methods, but they knew it was time for an upgrade. Our team recognized the limitations of their current approach. While the traditional permanent magnets got the job done, they lacked efficiency and intelligence. Workers had to manually handle magnetization and demagnetization, and the system couldn't keep up with modern demands for automation and safety. It was clear: the equipment needed to adapt to the workers, not the other way around. Understanding the need for a shift in mindset, our engineers embarked on a mission to introduce the electro permanent lifting magnets. We demonstrated how these cutting-edge tools could enhance safety, efficiency, and overall performance in their workshop.

The billets vary in length from 5160mm to 5680mm and in width from 230mm to 280mm, with weights of up to 3.5 tons. The lifting process involves grabbing individual billets from a stack and transferring them for cutting and loading, all coordinated with a 5-ton double-girder overhead crane.
Taking into account the crane's load capacity and the billets' weight, we ensured that our electro permanent lifting magnet's own weight was controlled within 1 ton. We also designed the lifting capacity to accommodate a safety factor of 3 under a 3mm air gap condition. To minimize interference during stacking, we optimized the width of the lifting magnet.

The transition from traditional manual lifting methods to electro permanent lifting magnets marks a significant step towards modernizing their material handling operations. By embracing innovation and prioritizing safety and efficiency, they've set a new standard for productivity in their workshop.

Are you ready to optimize your material handling processes? Contact us to discover how electro permanent lifting magnets can transform your operations. Let's work together to create a safer, more efficient future for your business.

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