How Can Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets Handle Sheet Metal?

In today's industrial world, the demand for efficient handling of sheet metal, especially thin steel plates, is on the rise. The HM3 series of electro permanent lifting magnets are uniquely designed to cater to the complexities of handling thin steel plates. Utilizing a multi-point suction approach, these lifting magnets ensure the seamless handling of individual sheets without any risk of adhesion between the sheets. This design feature is crucial, as it allows for the adaptation to the deformation of the thin plates without compromising the lifting efficiency.

Let's take a practical example of handling a 6m long, 2m wide, and 2-6mm thick steel plate. Our recommended solution involves the implementation of 12 units of HEPMP-150M-CN electro permanent lifting magnets arranged in a 2x6 configuration, capable of handling single sheets weighing up to 622kg. Each unit offers a rated lifting force of 150kg, with a maximum pull-off force of 600kg, ensuring robust and reliable lifting performance. The accompanying controller, model HEPC5-300A, provides precise demagnetization timing and the ability to control multiple lifting groups, offering enhanced operational control and safety features. With comprehensive safety measures, including ground detection, magnetization intensity monitoring, audible and visual alarms, short-circuit protection, and crane interlocking, our electro permanent lifting magnet system ensures a secure and efficient sheet metal handling operation.
In terms of practicality, the entire system's weight of approximately 530kg imposes minimal load on the overhead crane, ensuring seamless integration into existing operational setups without compromising safety or efficiency. One of the most compelling advantages of electro permanent lifting magnets is their minimal power consumption. Considering a typical year of operation, the power costs associated with utilizing our electro permanent lifting magnets amount to approximately 150 dollars, a testament to their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional electromagnetic or permanent magnet solutions.

In conclusion, the HM3 series of electro permanent lifting magnets stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency in sheet metal handling. By integrating these advanced lifting solutions into your operations, you can elevate productivity, minimize energy costs, and ensure a safer working environment for your personnel.

For reliable, precise, and efficient handling of thin steel plates, trust in the power of electro permanent lifting magnets from HVR MAG.

Contact us today to explore the full potential of our electro permanent lifting magnets and revolutionize your sheet metal handling operations.

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