How Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets Save Labour Work in Steel Structure Plant

Steel structure is a rapidly expanding industry. Due to the increasing workload, productivity needs to be enhanced. However, its difficult to find skilled labor at a reasonable cost. Electro permanent lifting magnets are suitable option to increase efficiency while saving cost. 

The lifting task is to handle single steel plate. Steel plate sizes range from 2000mm to 10000mm in length, 1500mm to 2500mm in width, and 12mm to 50mm in thickness. The maximum weight of a single steel plate is 8 tons. These steel plates are primarily used in conjunction with a 15-ton double-beam single-hook crane for cutting and loading individual steel plates.
The electro permanent lifting magnets were designed with a rated lifting capacity of 8 tons (with a safety factor ≥3 times at a 0.4mm air gap), utilizing a total of 10 units with each magnet having a rated lifting force of 800KG. The magnets were arranged in 2 rows of 5 columns for uniform distribution. The overall length of the lifting mechanism was tailored based on the thickness of the steel plate and allowed overhang lengths at both ends, optimizing the length to fit the client's space constraints. Safety features included ground detection, magnetization intensity detection, status indicator lights and audible alarms, short circuit protection, and magnet grouping control to easily handle lifting of different sizes of steel plates.

With our magnetic solution, the client was able to achieve safe and efficient steel plate loading operations with just one person, improving operational efficiency by at least 2 times compared to using traditional hooks. Loading a steel plate could be completed in just ten seconds. The client was highly satisfied with the solution provided, acknowledging its effectiveness.

In addition to safety and efficiency, electro permanent lifting magnets offer energy-saving benefits as they consume electricity only during magnetization and demagnetization processes. Their flexible linking design helps prevent surface scratches on steel plates, ensuring the precision required for high-quality laser cutting. If you are interested in learning more about electro permanent lifting magnets, feel free to reach out for further information on their advantages and capabilities. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at export@hvrmagnet.com

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