Applications of Magnetic Mold Clamps on Different IMMs/Presses

Applications of magnetic mold clamps, can vary from common horizontal injection molding machines, to two-color IMMs, vertical IMMs, and steel punching presses.

For a horizontal injection molding machine - small/medium/large tonnage, it often requires 2 magnetic mold clamps (one stationary plate, one movable plate), each to be installed on the base plate of machine.
While for a two-color unit, factories only need 1 pc of magnetic mold clamp plate.

The biggest difference of application lies in vertical IMMs especially the rotary type, which requires 2 fixed magnetic mold clamps on the table, and 1 movable magnetic mold clamp on the upper part.

As to the application on a punching press, it's pretty much the same like as on a small tonnage IMM: 2pcs of magnetic mold clamping plates, one installed on the punching part, the other one on the base table.

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