800kg Steel Magnetic Sheet Lifting Device

Is there any type of sheet metal handling equipment that won't scratch the surface of sheet while clamping on it? There surely is. Meet HVR MAG's specially designed 800kg steel magnetic sheet lifting device for safe handling of sheets in a steel workshop.

This set of steel magnetic sheet lifting device consists of 6pcs of HEPMP-800P45X12 slim magnet lifters hanging on the beam, for the handling of single sheet of 3-12mmX6mX1-1.5m.

These magnet modules were designed in slim shape to exert their magnetic clamping force on the center part of the sheet, so that the sheet won't deflect during the moving process.
Only one worker can manipulate the lifting process via either the control cabinet on the beam, or via the remote control equipped.

This workshop used to lift sheets with clamps/hooks which are cheap lifting tools. What makes them change their mind? Probably its due to the following drawbacks of lifting with hooks/clamps:

When it comes to the quality of sheet and the safety of personnel, decision makers of manufacturers should think more when choosing a proper sheet metal lifting device.

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