10 Ton Thick Steel Plate Lifting Magnets Unloading Truck in Steel Warehouse

Lifting magnets manufacturer HVR MAG, recently delivered a set of steel plate lifting magnets for unloading thick plates from truck in a steel warehouse. Let's see how they work.

Safety working load(SWL): 10 ton, namely the maximum weight of plate that this magnetic lifting system can handle.
Magnetic lifting beam design: 10 electro permanent magnets elastically suspended under the beam, symmetrically distributed in rows, for a uniform clamping of a single plate.

Plate specifications:
Length: 4.7-12m
Width: 1.5-2.5m
Thickness: 6-50mm

Each set of steel plate lifting magnets manufactured by HVR MAG, is equipped with a radio remote controller, through which one operator can manipulate the whole unloading process. Once magnetized by a momentous electric current, it can pick up, hold, transfer and stack the plate in order, without causing any scratches or dents to the surface of plate.

Most importantly, it successfully circumvent the possible safety hazard of dropping plate in a sudden power outage, as its magnetic force remains unweakened. This is because it does not require electricity during lift, except for the MAG and DEMAG phase.

Should you have any questions about this magnetic type of plate handling equipment, please feel free to Contact Us.

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