Magnetic Robot Gripper for Pick-and-Place of Metal Sheet Forgings

Below is the latest application of HVR MAG's magnetic robot gripper for pick-and-place of thin sheet metal parts in fully automated forging line.

Magnetic robot gripper design: 4 rectangular permanent electromagnets
Magnet model: HEPMP-200P30B and HEPMP-4120P30B

Previously used magnetic robot gripper: electro magnetic gripper
◈Unfriendly design, inconvenient to use
◈Poor safety
◈Inaccurate handling - gripping of multiples sheets occured

Why choose permanent electromagnetic robot gripper?

●Simple & practical design
●4 magnets can all be magnetized to grip large steel workpiece, or can be separately controlled to pick and place small sheet metal part without clinging to the second piece.
●Enhanced work safety - the gripper can remain holding of the sheet metal part if the power spply sudden breaks down.
●Less energy consumption - the electro permanent magnetic gripper consumes no power during working, except for the MAG and DEMAG phase.

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