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Why Is Telescopic Magnetic Lifting Beam So Popular in Steel Industry?

Aug 24,2021

Another set of 10 ton telescopic magnetic lifting beam will be leaving HVR MAG's factory to help handling steel plates in an European client workshop. Why is the telescopic type of lifting magnet system so popular, especially in steel industry?

The telescopic magnetic lifting beam shown in above, was designed with four groups of magnet lifters, symmetrically distributed on each side of the beam. The lifting capacity for each magnet lifter is 1200kg.

As to the telescopic beam, it's driven by an electric motor and screw spindle. It's retract or stretch can be controlled via the buttons on the beam, or via the remote.

The biggest part of benefit about telescopic lifting beam is that it can lift a longer plate with the extra stretched part and won't take up too much space area when not in use. This is a very important factor for manufacturers to consider when choosing a suitable steel plate handling equipment, and also explains why telescopic magnetic lifting beam is so popular in steel industry.

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