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Workholding Magnets for CNC Vertical Lathe Machining

Aug 30,2021
Magnetic workholding is the use of magnetic systems to position, support, and clamp parts for machining, including workholding magnets and a control unit to control and automate the process.

Below is a typical application of workholding magnets in CNC vertical lathe machining process. These small magnet clamps were designed for machining of the large circular workpiece (as shown in the picture).

The controller of magnetic chucks was not shown in this picture. Due to the property of electro permanent magnets, these workholding magnets don't need power supply during working, which makes them perfect for use in turning center (a lathe with computer numerical control).

HVR MAG can custom design magnetic chucks for not only lathe, but also grinding and milling machines, to help driving competitive edge into your precision machining operations.
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