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The new Shipment -3 Sets of Telescopic Lifting Magnets

Feb 28,2022

HVR Magnetics has just delivered three HM2 series electro permanent lifting magnet systems with telescopic beams, cap. 28t to Taiwan this week.

Workers are transferring three HM2 lifting magnet products to the trailer.

HM2 Series electro permanent lifting magnets with telescopic beams are specially developed for safe lifting and moving of steel sheets with different lengths.

There are four advantages of HM2 series electro permanent lifting magnet.
1. Safety. Won’t drop a suspended load due to loss of electrical power; Safety factor 3:1; Maintenance-free.
2. Energy-saving. No energy-consuming during the handling period.
3. Productivity. One man plate handling increases efficiency; 100% Duty Cycle (no downtime for magnet cooling)

4. The telescopic beam makes it available for carrying different sizes of steel plate.

Would you like to have lifting magnets with telescopic beams? Contact us!

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