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What’s the difference among these 3 categories of magnets? Which one is the best choice?

Apr 15,2022
There’s no doubt that magnets are widely used in our daily life. But what type of magnets are they? And which type of magnet is the best for a certain situation? Don’t worry. Let’s explore everything you want to know.


An electromagnet usually has an iron core. Adding an iron core to a solenoid increases its magnetic field strength. A current through the wire creates a magnetic field. As long as there is a current running through the coil, the magnetic forces remain, but after that, the magnetism is lost.
The main advantage of an electromagnet is that the magnetic field can be quickly changed by controlling the amount of electric current in the winding. Electromagnets can have their magnetic output easily adjusted by varying the amount of electricity flowing through them.
The downside to electromagnets is that they depend on a power source.All electromagnets need a power source. If electricity running to an electromagnetic field is disrupted, it will stop producing a magnetic field. An electro-magnetic system is insecure, as it is affected by power failures.

Permanent magnet

A permanent magnet can create its own persistent magnetic field. It always has a magnetic field and will display a magnetic behavior all the time.
The main advantage of a permanent magnet is that a permanent magnet does not require a continuous supply of electrical input to maintain its magnetic field. Permanent magnet strength depends upon the material used in its creation.
As a result, the permanent magnet can’t be adjusted for different strength levels.Permanent magnets face limitations in controlling temperatures.

Electro-permanent magnet

An electro-permanent magnet is a kind of permanent magnet,the external magnetic field can be switched on or off by a pulse of electric current. Once the magnet is on, no more electricity is required, making it an economic and eco-friendly option. They will keep working in the event of a power failure. This increases the safety of your workplace. Another advantage is that it can be controlled from a distance with a remote control or automatic system.They are quite efficient in handling heavy materials
This is not only convenient but also improves the safety of your workplace. Another advantage is how the electro-permanent magnets can be controlled from a distance with a remote control or even controlled by automated process systems. Automated process systems allow for highly efficient assembly lines that save time and increase your productivity.
Choosing the right industrial magnet for your application is important, so detailed consideration of your lifting needs is a must.
Thank you for reading our article and we hope it can help you to have a better understanding of the differences. If you want to learn more about ELECTRO PERMANENT MAGNETIC LIFTER, we would like to recommend you to HVR Magnets for more information.
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