Steel Billet Lifting Magnet - 12 Ton Magnetic Lifting Beam

Introduce a new type of steel billet lifting equipment - lifting magnet. This 12 ton magnetic lifting beam has 2 rectangular magnetic lifters at each end of the beam.

Parts to be loaded: 2 long & heavy steel billet lifting each time
Problem: unlike flat steel parts like plates, steel billet is long and heavy and unevenly structured, which makes the lifting of it more tricky and challenging for factories.

HVR MAG tailor made magnetic lifting beam:
  1. 2 rectangular magnetic lifters hanged at each end of the lifting beam
  2. Lifting capacity - safe working load: 6 ton for each lifting magnet, 12 ton together.
  3. Magnetic billet lifter is designed to lift 2 steel billets at the same time, increasing production cycles and reducing the chance for operator injury.
  4. Bottom part of magnet lifter is specifically designed for the application, based on the shape and weight of the steel billet, as the picture shows.

This electrically switched permanent lifting magnet system meets the needs of handling systems offering a high-clamping force with safety characteristics and reliability that is unattainable by other technologies.

HVR MAG's magnetic lifting systems are widely employed for industrial steel material handling due to the following reasons:
  1. Fast manoeuvring times: increasing handling efficiency
  2. Permanent-electro magnetic property makes it insensitive to power outages: total safety for personnel and equipment
  3. Maintenance free: no moving parts inside
  4. With radio remote control, a single operator is able to complete the entire operation of gripping, handling and release positioned at a distance from the load, avoiding the use of ropes or chains.

Learn more about our steel lifting magnet, please visit our CASE section.

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