Permanent Electromagnetic Gripper or Vacuum Gripper - Robot Handling Metal Sheet for Bending Machine

What will you choose as robotic arm gripper to handle metal sheet(with punched holes), permanent electromagnetic gripper or vacuum gripper(cup)? Maybe the following application scenario will tell you how.

Specifications of metal sheet(with punched holes): Length:2.2-2.3m; Width: 0.35-0.7m; Thickness: 3-5mm
Handling requirement: loading single metal sheet onto the bending machine; reposition the sheet after each bending procedure, and then unload the bent steel structural off the bending machine and stack it together with other parts.

Previously used robot gripper - vacuum cups

New robotic arm gripper - permanent electromagnetic gripper
Magnetic gripper design: 4 magnets equipped at the end of the robot arm.
Magnet model: HEPMP-100P30B

Why replacing vacuum gripper with permanent electromagnetic gripper?
☛Due to the punched holes, vacuum cups cannot hold the sheet steadily and might drop it
☛Electro-permanent magnetic clamping force can grip the sheet tightly and steadily to another manufacturing procedure.

Moreover, unlike electromagnetic gripper picking up 2 or multiple sheets one time, EPMs can perform precision handling of single metal sheet, without clinging to the second sheet. Therefore, it can be concluded that for single metal sheet handling with robots, in industrial automation, permanent electromagnetic gripper is the most suitable eoat for robot.

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