Electro-permanent Magnets VS Electromagnets - Lifting Spring Steel Plates for Machining

Why electro-permanent magnets beat electromagnets in industrial automation, like lifting spring steel plates for machining on gantry system? The following application in a spring steel manufacturing factory might give you an answer.

Magnet model: HEPMP-200P30B-QCTH; Quantity of magnets: 2
Handling requirement: loading 2 spring steel plates for machining during each lift.

Previously used steel handling magnets - electromagnets
✦Poor safety - plates will drop if the power suddenly breaks down, huge safety hazard.
✦Consistent power supply - consume electricity through the whole handling process.

New magnetic lifting solution - electro permanent magnets
✦Superior safety - can remain holding of the plates even in a sudden power failure
✦Energy-saving - only needs electricity for magnetization and demagnetization, no energy consumed during the lift.

Not only in industrial lifting, electro-permanent magnets are also widely employed in manufacturing automation, as an EOAT on of robotic arms. Simple and compact, they're much more reliable than electromagnetic grippers for pick-and-place of steel parts. Learn more about our EPMs in automation, please visit our product page.

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