Lifting Narrow Steel Plates in Different Lengths

Normally plate magnets for listing steel, are symmetrically distributed on both sides of the lifting beam. But that's for steel plates of common sizes. Here, HVR MAG will introduce a set of steel lifting magnets, specially designed for loading & unloading narrow plates in different lengths.

Shown in pictures, is a steel plant with plates of different sizes and lengths to be processed. The below-the-hook lifting magnet system, consists of 8 permanent electromagnets, hanged below the lifting beam. Length of the lifting beam, and lifting capacity were all designed engineered in accordance with the size and weight of the narrows plates to be handled.
As we can see, the narrow plates are in different lengths, which makes the lifting more challenging. How to realize the goal of safely transferring these plates by one set of plate handling equipment? Well, that's where HVR MAG's competitive edge lies.

Plate magnets for lifting steel, manufactured by HVR MAG, can be SELECTIVELY CONTROLLED to pick up loads of different lengths. Selectively controlled, means that they could be partially or fully activated.

Another obvious advantage that cannot be neglected is that, these magnets consume no power during working, which means they can remain holding of the load even the power suddenly fails. Electricity is only momentarily needed in MAG and DEMAG phase.

Learn more about our innovative plate magnets for lifting steel, welcome to go through our website about how they work.

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