Magnetic Platen for 60T Punching Machine

Traditional die change processes in stamping operations often involve significant downtime, reducing overall productivity. Magnetic quick die change system is a solution that eliminates the time-consuming task of bolting dies onto a press, allowing for a seamless changeover in just minutes. 

How It Works

Our system harnesses the power of electro-permanent magnets to securely fix stamping dies in place. With a magnetic attraction force of up to 400 kg per small magnetic pole, this system ensures robust stability during the stamping process. For our client's circular bolster plate setup, the upper die is secured using a circular magnetic platen, while the lower die features large blanking holes to prevent accumulation of stamped parts. This thoughtful design accommodates the unique needs of circular press beds.

Two magnetic templates are strategically placed—one for securing the upper die and another for the lower die. The circular magnetic template for the upper die aligns effortlessly with the press bed, thanks to its customized design.
When it's time to change dies, operators simply transport the dies to the press, align them, energize the magnetic templates, and the dies are instantly secured. This entire operation, from setup to production readiness, takes only three minutes—a remarkable improvement from traditional methods.

By eliminating the need for manual bolting and ensuring quick changeovers, our magnetic quick die change system optimizes reduce mold change time to 10 minutes. Operators can focus more on production and less on setup, thereby increasing throughput and reducing costs associated with downtime.


Our customizable solutions ensure seamless integration and rapid die changeovers. For more information on how our magnetic quick die change system can transform your manufacturing processes, contact us at export@hvrmagnet.com

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