Magnetic Pick and Place of Fork Carriage - Magnetic Gripper on ABB Robot

Magnetic pick and place in automation, refers to the handling operation that was performed by end-of-arm tooling magnets equipped on robotic arms. Let's take a look at its application on ABB robot handling fork carriage in an intelligent manufacturing workshop in Shanghai.

The part to be picked and placed as shown in pictures, is called fork carriage, which combines the fork and the bracket of a forklift.

Pick: the robotic arm gripper picks up a fork carriage from automated conveyor
Place: after the grab, the robot will hold and transfer the fork carriage to another designated position to place it onto an automated moving machine.

The entire magnetic pick and place process is quick and efficient, which is why robot grippers are so popular in automation. The pick and place magnets equipped on the arm of abb robbot, were custom designed by HVR MAG. Our magnetic solution for pick and place boosts advantages like:

Not only in robotics, magnetic pick and place can also be applied in industrial material handling - lifting magnets. In lifting, pick and place magnets are usually designed with higher lifting capacity, especially for large and heavy steel plates weighing up to tons.

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