Magnetic Gripper Pick and Place of Parking Lift Frame on Gantry System

HVR MAGNETICS has developed a new type of magnetic gripper, consisted of 8 pick and place magnets on a frame, equipped at the end of the arm of the gantry robot(system). This robot gripper was designed for the pick and place of parking lift frame, which is made of steel, in a robotic welding line.

Parking lift frame: the platform structure of a collapsible parking lift system, which weighs up to several tons.
After the robotic welding procedure, the gantry robot then will come to the upside of the frame part, grab, pick, hold, escalate and transfer the part to another position to place it.

Lifting an heavy object like this steel frame part, sets a more demanding requirement about the material handling safety. But that will not be a problem with magnetic gripper manufactured by HVR MAG. The reasons are clear:

An additional plus side is that this magnetic gripper is much more energy saving than electromagnetic gripper. The latter is dependant on continuous power supply, while the former only uses electricity in the magnetization and demagnetization phase for a few seconds.

In conclusion, for large and heavy ferromagnetic workpieces or part, magnetic gripper is the first and only choice for robots in automation material handling. Contact us to custom one.

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