Magnetic Mold Clamp Plates for LANSON 200 Ton IMM

What Are Magnetic Mold Clamp Plates Used for?
Magnetic platens for mold clamping are installed on each side of the base plate of injection molding machine to fixate the mould when the machine is working. Also, for a quick mold changeover.

Each set of moulds consists of a stationary mold and a movable mold.
Likewise, the magnetic mold clamp plates are manufactured in a set, for the fixed and movable molds respectively.

How Do Magnetic Mold Clamp Plates Work?
They use the magnetic force released by the permanent magnet materials inside, to clamp and fixate the mold for injection molding or mold changing. These magnetic platens consume no electric power when in clamping state, only need it in magnetization and demagnetization phase to switch the magnetic clamping force on and off.

Compared with mechanical clamps or hydraulic clamp, magnetic clamps are far more efficient in every way, no matter from the perspective of reliability, mold change efficiency, or flexibility to molds, etc.

Learn more about our magnetic mold clamp plates, you can visit our product page to gain a more comprehensive understanding. Or contact us for any queries or questions about quick mold change.

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