front-end corner post pick and place with magnetic grippers

Shipping containers are made up of numerous structural components. Front-end corner posts are an essential part of the container. How to pick and put them efficiently?

The customer has added a giant robot that is deftly working with the assembly line to pick and place the front corner posts.

The use of a robotic manipulator removes the hidden danger of the operation and improves production efficiency. 1. the design of the electro-permanent magnet adsorption surface using a double W design, through the symmetrical surface to the material to the corner castings to adsorption of the reverse buckle to carry 2. in the space layout, reduce 70% of the space requirements and auxiliary equipment for later maintenance, etc. 3. In the alignment mechanism, the design is simple, only needs to be close to the fit, relies on self-weight for sliding alignment, no need for complex actuators, and improves work efficiency

There are several things to consider. Its essential to choose a professional partner to ensure you get the right system for your needs. Contact HVR now!

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