Magnetic End Effector on KUKA Robot Palletizing Steel Profiles

In robotics, magnetic end effector is the device at the end of a robotic arm, that enables the robot to pick up and hold ferrous objects. The following case is a typical application of robot gripper in palletizing system of a machinery manufacturing workshop, handling steel profiles.

As requested by the client, the magnetic end effector should be able to grip several different types of steel profiles within 100kg, including angle iron, square tubes, and steel channels. The specifications of profiles are as follows:

Steel channel : C5C28

Angle iron: 40×4~∠200×26

Square tube: F40×4F135×14

The ultimate magnetic end effector designed and manufactured by HVR MAG includes the structure frame, and 2pcs of HEPMSP-2209P50S-CL gripping magnets.
This gripper allows the KUKA robot in the palletizing system, to pick up and manipulate machined parts like angle iron and square tubes shown in pictures. These magnetic gripping heads are best suited to tasks like pick-and-place, assembly, and machine tending.

Compared with manual handling which was the case in the workshop before, magnetic end effector with robot, not only enhance the palletization efficiency, but also reduce labor intensity, and improve client companys image, by realization of unmanned operation, effective avoidance of potential safety hazard in workshop.

Interested in the robot gripper that we manufactured? Go to our CASE section to see more application of magnetic end effector in robotics.

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