Single Metal Plate Handling

What's the top priority concerning material handing/lifting operations in mechanical processing, transportation or any other related industries? What are the things to be considered when handling a thick steel plate? Safety first, of course. Then, damage-free to the plate. Then, how to achieve both? HVR MAG thick steel plate handling magnets can do that.

HVR MAG can design and manufacturer plate handling magnets for thick steel plate with a thickness of 6mm or above, upon request. The scenario in the picture, is a new application of our plate handling equipment which has successfully settled our client's doubts, due to the following outstanding advantages of HVR MAG magnetic lifting system:
♦No dropping of a suspended load in the event of a power failure/outage, safety guaranteed ♦No clingy plates, precision handling for destacking. ♦No deformations or scratches to the plate surface due to its uniformly magnetic gripping force . ♦Certain distance operation available with the Remote Controller

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