Wa Fang Dian

Wa Fang Dian Metallurgical Bearing Group Co., Ltd is the state metallurgical fixed-point production enterprises, and China's Petroleum materials and equipment (Group) Corporation's oil machinery bearings, primary supply network members.

Working condition requirement: used for large-scale vertical machining, the required size of effective suction is 200mm-660mm in diameter.

Former: the fixtures are needed to be screwed up, which is time-consuming and the working is tedious and labor-intensive. Besides, the pressure on each point is uneven, resulting in a lower precision.

Solution: the former fixtures are replaced  with DYCC2-700S electro permanent magnetic round chucks for vertical lathe, whose size of effective magnetic force are 188mm-660mm in diameter.


1. Needed mag and demag time is less than 2 seconds compared to traditional fixture, which largely improved the working efficiency.

2. The unit magnetic force is strong which can reach up to 16 kg/cm².

3. The mag and demag process can be simply finished with a button that much reduced labor intensity.

4. The magnetic force is even so that the precision of work pieces is higher.

5. Don’t have to worry about it falling down and safety accidents because it works without power supply, so the magnetic force still exists even power off.

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