SINO Truck

Sinotruck manufactures cargo trucks and semi-tractor trucks that are used in a range of industries including construction, container transportation, mining and steel production (Howo and Sitrak).

According to their working condition, they are looking for an advanced lifting magnet solution to transport their 6000-12000×1500-2500×3-34mm steel plate. And the requirement is that only one plate is lifted, without adhering to the second one.

In the past, they used mechanical clamps to transport their steel plates, which exists the disadvantages like inefficient, high labor cost, low safety factor and easily cause deformation or scratch to plates.

HVR Magnetics Co,. Ltd got SINO Truk’s requirement and specially designed a solution method. That is: 16 pieces HEPMP-720P50 electro permanent lifting magnets are combined together to transport; telescopic beam is adopted; magnetic force could be adjusted according to actual working condition; and MAG and DEMAG cycle time are less than 2 seconds.

After adopting this kind of advanced lifting magnet solution, not only does production rate increase, but also permanent safety keeps.

Technical advantages:

1. Telescopic beam is easy to operate, magnetic force could be adjusted and group controlled can be reached,  making sure various kinds and sizes of steel plates are easy to be transported by magnetic system.

2. Higher efficiency compared with traditional lifting method.

3. No need of worker separating steel plate, saving labor cost and reducing labor intensity.

4. No scratch or deformation will be caused while using electro permanent lifting magnet to transport steel load, meeting high quality requirement.

5. No needs of electricity during working period, magnetic force always exists, ensuring high security and reliability.

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