Weihua Group Co., Ltd is a vice chairman unit of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, China Electrical Overhead Traveling Crane Committee and China Heavy Machinery Industry Association. Its business scope includes the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and consultation of hoisting and conveying machinery components, hydraulic machinery, engineering machinery, port machinery and large structural equipments.

It is quite often for Weihua to lift 22.5m steel plates of 12-22.5mX1.25-2.0mX6-10mm. At first, the company used to lift the plates with plate pliers, which is time-consuming and dangerous. Therefore, Weihua consulted HVR MAG for a solution, and HVR provided a solution of replacing the former pliers with 20 sets of electro permanent lifting magnets. The comparison of the two ways of lifting are as following:

From the chart above we can see that HVR MAG electronic permanent lifting magnet is a safe, efficient and economical way to lift steel plates or billets. If you want to know more about HVR products, open the link http://www.hvrmagnet.com/ to view more details.

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