Electromagnetic Robot Gripper Loading & Unloading for Metal Shearing Process

We know that magnetic grippers enable robots to pick up and hold ferrous objects. When combined with an industrial robot arm, they enable manufacturers to automate key processes, such as assembly, pick & place and machine tending. Let's see how electromagnetic robot gripper facilitates loading & unloading for metal shearing process.

As shown in the picture, the hydraulic guillotine shears are mainly used to cut sheets or plates  into smaller parts in preparation for other processes. The electromagnetic robot grippers are responsible for loading the metal part to be cut for the shearing machine, and then unload the cut part and transfer it to the palletizing line.

Object to be lifted: cut metal sheet part with convex margin
Robot gripper design: 2 rectangular permanent electromagnets equipped on the end of the robotic arms

Advantages of this electromagnetic robot gripper over other magnet gripper:

Other than small metal parts, HVR MAG can tailor made electromagnetic robot gripper that can handle large and heavier steel parts in automated industrial manufacturing process. You can vist our CASE section to learn more about the application of our magnet grippers.

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