Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet on Gantry Crane in Shipping Port

Traditional lifting devices may pose potential safety risks due to their reliance on manual force and the potential for operator error. Improper lifting techniques or fatigue can increase the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage to the lifted objects. Also, manual lifting devices generally have slower lifting and positioning speeds. This slower operation can impact efficiency and productivity in lifting and moving tasks.

Shipping ports are crucial hubs in global trade, serving as loading and unloading points for large containers that are transported by ships. Efficient material handling in shipping port is critical to ensuring quick turnaround times and smooth logistics operations. It requires skilled personnel, advanced equipment, and effective coordination among various stakeholders involved in the supply chain. Choosing proper lifting magnet can significantly enhance material handling efficiency.

This is an electro permanent lifting magnet for lifting round steel, manufactured by HVR MAG. The beam consists two electro permanent magnetic modules, each has a lifting capacity of 16 ton, which makes the total capacity of the beam is 30 ton. According to the specific lifting requirement of workpieces, this lifting magnet can lift round steel from 4.5 to 12 meters in length. The maximum humidity of the port is 100%, the average annual precipitation exceeds 1000mm, and the maximum instantaneous wind speed is 39.9m/s. Considering the high humidity, windy environment and other extreme weather condition, this lifting magnet has a safety factor of more than 3:1.
Additionally, this magnetic beam is designed to be integrated with a rotating mechanism, based on the needs of automatic angle adjustment. The beam can be rotated 360°. One more advantage of using electro permanent lifting magnet instead of wire rope sling is lowering manpower. Since the lifting magnetic beam is put into service, workers don’t have to enter the cabin to attach wire rope slings to workpieces.

Like many industries, material handling requires customized solutions for its industrial magnet applications. Regardless of the type of magnet your business needs, HVR MAG is here to help. For the best results, consult us for a solution that matches your exact needs.

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