Automatic Handling of Steel Tubes with Magnetic Grippers Used for Robots

Below is a new application of electro permanent magnets in mechanical engineering industry, presenting the automatic handling of steel tubes with magnetic grippers used for robots.

Long steel tubes, round or square, were first being sawed off into small pieces, which then will be transferred through the conveyor belt to the palletizing station.

Industrial robots, mounted with magnetic grippers, will pick a sawed tube from the conveyor belt, and place (palletize) it onto a rack.
Other than normal gripping, the magnet gripper on picture two, can also grip the sawed square tube and slant it along with the robotic arm.

Why choose customed Magnetic Grippers over Mechanical/Vacuum Grippers?
More compact design than mechanical/vacuum grippers
With good applicability - can pick up many other ferrous steel parts easily
Consume no power in gripping state - which is not the case for the latter

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