Magnetic Gripper for Car Rim Handling

Magnetic grippers need to be better known by manufacturers. Today we present a case study of a magnetic gripper application. This customer wanted to set up an automated production line for car rims. After learning about our electric permanent magnetic gripper, they customised 2 sets of grippers for a truss robot. As their feedback, our magnetic gripper has the following advantages:

Safe and stable. With 4 magnets to accommodate rims of different diameters, the contact area can be on both sides, reducing the number of robots and the cost of use.
High efficiency. Combined with the appropriate material storage and conveyance lines, it can create an intelligent unmanned workshop, significantly improving operational fluidity.

They had previously relied on manual handling of the rims, but the rims were large and heavy, labour intensive and not very efficient. They then tried hydraulic grippers but found that they leaked oil and left dirt that was difficult to clean. Also, the tips of the grippers are easy to leave scratches. The electro-permanent magnetic gripper has none of these problems, it is efficient, environmentally friendly and not easily damaged. We hope that more factories will be able to automate their handling with magnetic grippers.

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