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Why EPM Magnetic Lifter is Growing Fast?

Mar 23,2023

A few days ago, the first leader of the city where HVR MAG is located came to visit our factory. During the visit, he expressed his admiration for our magnetic lifter and said that he thought that electro-permanent magnet products were very promising. What is the basis for this opinion? Why is electromagnetic technology developing at a fast pace? I will answer this question for you.

What is EPM?

The magnetic lifter of the HVR is made of electro-permanent magnets. An electro permanent magnet, also known as an EPM, is a permanent magnet made of rare earth materials. In this type of permanent magnet, an external magnetic field can be switched on or off by a current pulse in a wire wound around the magnet section.

The magnetic field generated by an EPM is therefore produced by a permanent magnet and not by an electric current, which is the main difference to an electromagnet. This means that, during operation, electromagnets require a constant current to maintain their magnetic force, while EPM do not require a current to maintain their magnetic force. Therefore, EPM industrial products are more energy efficient than electromagnetic products. From an environmental point of view, EPM products are also more in line with the requirements of today's factories.

Development of EPM magnetic lifter

Before the invention of the electric permanent magnet, the main application of controlled magnetic fields was in electromagnets, which consumed large amounts of electricity to operate. In contrast, electric permanent magnets do not require a power source to maintain the magnetic field, so they were soon used as industrial lifting magnets to lift heavy ferrous objects. EPM magnetic lifter is the safest, most energy efficient, effective and convenient steel handling tool on the market today.

EPM have been used to manufacture industrial lifting magnets for over 40 years and the technology is now relatively mature. Due to the late start of the development of electro permanent magnets and the high cost of the product, the market penetration was not high until 2010. But now, in the era of Industry 4.0, all manufacturing companies are moving towards automation and intelligence due to the development of technology. Hence, EPM magnetic lifter is growing fast.

Prospects of EPM magnet lifter and other products

As a result, products of HVR MAG have also captured about 40% of the Chinese market in recent years. We have a happy and long-term cooperation with many well-known and large manufacturing companies at home and abroad. Also, we have agents in the USA, Europe, Russia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. HVR will do more in the future.

At present. The range of electro-permanent magnets is no longer limited to industrial lifting magnets. At HVR MAG we also have magnetic chuck for fixing machined parts on CNC machines; magnetic grippers for use with intelligent robots and quick mould change systems for fixing moulds on injection moulding machines. The development and use of all these products is driving progress in industrial automation. Other technology companies are also coming up with new ideas for using electropermanent magnets, and there are already electronics companies experimenting with the principle of electropermanent magnets in small electronic devices. We are sure that we will see more EPM related products in the near future.

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