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Lifting Magnet With Slim Beam

Mar 22,2023

When buying a lifting magnet, you should not only consider the specification and weight of the steel, but also the weight of the magnet itself. This is because the lifting magnet is only the finger that grips the item, the real part that exerts the force is the muscle in the arm - the crane. The sum of the weight of the lifting magnet and the steel to be lifted is the actual load capacity of the crane. Ideally, the lighter the magnet, the lower the load on the crane. The only way to reduce the weight of the lifting magnet is to start with the beam, and the magnet module cannot cut corners. Normally we use rectangular steel tubes with a more stable, rigid structure to make the beam, which ensures that the beam is stable and does not deform even under the extreme load of the magnet. But the case we are discussing today is very special.

Why this lifting magnet needs a custom-made slim beam?

The company, which specialises in overhead cranes, was looking for a lifting magnet to lift long, thin steel plates. One problem to be solved is that the length of the magnet itself must be comparable to the length of the steel plate. It is best not to overhang both sides of the steel plate by more than 1 metre, otherwise the sagging and deformed ends of the plate may cause the plate to fall off. If we were to use rectangular steel tube for the beam of lifting magnet like before, the total weight would be greater and the cost and freight would be higher.

Design solution for lifting magnet with slim beam

As mentioned above, this company is a crane manufacturer and therefore has sufficient design and machining capabilities. The final solution adopted by this customer was to order our electro-permanent magnet modules, including junction boxes and controllers. They made the beam themselves and then assembled the finished product themselves. As the thin sheet steel itself is not very heavy, the beam could be made from lighter H steel and the magnet module suspended from the beam. The final product amazed even our technical department with how slim and beautiful the lifting magnet was, while still meeting all safety thresholds.

Special conditions of this programme

The lifting magnet has now been successfully tested at the customer's site and is ready for official use. However, we should not blindly imitate this solution, there are several conditions for its success: 1. The material to be lifted is relatively light (not thick steel plates) and the load requirements for the beam of lifting magnet are not very high. 2. the extra long magnetic lifter is not a conventional specification and there is a need for a special design. 3. The industry is relevant to both parties and the client will calculate and consider the load capacity of the material. 4. effective communication and co-operation to ensure that there are no design errors in the product details and no operational errors in the assembly process. If the above conditions are met, you can refer to this case for a customised electric permanent lifting magnet.

If you have a steel handling problem that needs to be solved, we will tailor a solution to suit the actual working conditions and your requirements. We also have a wide range of lifting magnets to choose from. You can count on service and products of HVR MAG. For more information, please contact us at: export@hvrmagnet.com

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