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Mar 27,2023

As an reliable lifting magnet manufacturer, HVR MAG can always guarantee in time delivery and stable quality. All thanks to our factory has professional processing ability and we can response quickly during producing. How do we achieve that?

HVR MAG has two workshops, all the lifting magnets, quick mold change systems, magnetic chucks and grippers are finished in our own factory. Lets see our B7 workshop first. Here is where we finish all the magnetic poles and moduels.

From the entrance of B7 factory, blanking Area is on the left. Here sorted and stored many metal materials, there is a cutting machine and a descaling machine so the workers can select and tailor needed metal conveniently. On the right side is quality control area, where the finished magnets and housing components are inspected, mainly for dimensional purposes. A few steps further on is the machining area, which is divided into 4 units. The first one is fitter area, there are 2 drilling machines, all the parts will finish hole drilling here. Next is drilling and milling area, there is a milling machine that cuts the metal material to the dimensions specified in the drawings. At last, there are 4 Haitian CNC machining machines belong to machining centre, magnetic platens of quick mold change system will be drilling and milling in these CNC machines. After rough machining, the magnets and outer parts are transferred to the quality control area to check for dimensional conformity. After inspection, these parts are then sent to the grinding area for fine grinding to ensure a smooth and flat surface. When the fine grinding process is complete, the parts are sent back to the quality control area for cosmetic inspection.

Once the parts have been machined, we move to the right-hand side of the B7 factory, where the electrical assembly room is located and the workers assemble the magnet poles into the treated housing. When assembly is complete, it is time for electrical commissioning and voltage testing, and outside the assembly room is the performance testing area. This is where the production and testing of magnetic chucks and magnetic platens is completed. These two types of product do not require painting, so they can be packed and shipped here. However, the magnets for the magnetic lifters and magnetic grippers are transferred to our C3 facility for final painting and surface treatment.

The layout of the C3 plant is relatively simple and is basically divided into two areas: the raw material processing area and the assembly and packaging area. The steel used to make the lifting magnet's supporting beams and joints is cut, welded and painted in the raw material processing area. Once the frame of the magnetic lifter is complete, it is moved to the right hand side of the factory to complete the assembly of the magnet modules and controls. At this point the production and assembly of the magnetic lifter is complete. Next, the lifter is checked to ensure that the adsorption surface is level and then electrical commissioning is carried out to ensure that the product is working properly and that performance is up to standard. Finally, it is time for a final visual quality check before packing. With every detail checked, the product is ready for delivery.

The above is our product manufacturing process, our factory is well zoned and all relevant processes fit together in the shortest path. Each process is followed by a quality control process to ensure that there are no production errors. Also, our team is stable and has a high level of job satisfaction and happiness. From design and development to front-line production, everyone is an experienced 'veteran'. When you choose HVR MAG, you choose reliability, integrity and quality. We welcome manufacturing partners (and agents) to contact us at:export@hvrmagnet.com We will be happy to serve you.

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