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Heavy-Duty Lifting Magnets and Offshore Wind Power Industry

Mar 31,2023

Offshore wind power is a major trend in the future of clean energy. Offshore wind speeds are higher than onshore, so offshore wind farms generate more electricity per unit of installed capacity. And offshore wind farms have less impact on people and the landscape. In Europe, realising the full potential of European offshore wind energy is one of the key actions of the clean energy component of the Green Deal. Countries around the world are also planning and implementing the development of offshore wind power. The offshore wind industry is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Current offshore wind power technology already supports projects further from the coast where there is more wind capacity. However, offshore wind farms in shallow water are currently much more popular. Offshore turbines can also be located close to coastal load centres, such as large cities, eliminating the need for new long-distance transmission lines. However, there are several drawbacks to offshore installations, including more expensive equipment, difficult access and harsh conditions for the equipment.

Offshore wind turbines are exposed to high humidity and corrosive seawater for long periods of time, placing high demands on the metal of offshore turbines and their foundations. This includes the foundations and base columns of the wind turbines, which are very important. There are different types of foundations for offshore wind farms. The type of foundation depends on several factors, such as the depth of the water and the nature of the seabed. Monopiles are the most commonly used foundations for offshore wind turbines: they are considered the most cost-effective and are used in water depths of 30 meters.

Heavy-Duty Lifting magnets involved in monopile production

The monopiles for the foundations of offshore wind farms are made from large pieces of steel plate that are spliced and welded together. As the offshore wind industry continues to develop and grow, so does the demand for steel materials and the tools to handle them. Easy handling, efficiency and safety are essential when handling large steel plates. Lifting magnets are the most suitable lifting equipment. HVR MAG has already customized a 55 tonne telescopic lifting magnet. It is for a company specialising in the construction of offshore wind farms. It can lift steel plates from 45 to 120 mm thick and the telescopic beam can be flexibly adjusted to the lifting length as the plate length varies. In practice, the customer is satisfied with the performance of our lifting magnets.

Heavy-Duty Lifting magnets of HVR MAG are inherently environmentally friendly. The electric permanent magnets we use save 95% of the electrical energy compared to electromagnets. This is because the magnetism of the electric permanent magnet comes from the permanent magnet material inside. And the electric current is only used to switch the direction of the magnetic field. We hope to work with more wind power companies in the future and contribute to the development of clean energy.

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