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Rotatory Magnetic Platen for 1900 ton Twin-color Machine

Oct 29,2021

We can do a set of two mold clamping plates for injection molding machine, or just one rotatory (movable) magnetic platen for your twin-color machine, per your request.

Just like today's shipment - quick mold change system, with only one magnetic platen for the rotatory side of mold on a 1900 ton twin-color injection molding machine. The rest part of the system as of our common quick mold change system, is included as well.

Specifications of the movable magnet clamping plate:
Working current: 75A
Working voltage: DC 160V
Maximum clamping force: 2170kN
Maximum temperature: 120

Further update on the installation and the real application of this rotatory magnetic platen for quick mold change will be coming soon.
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