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Album of Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifters We Produced

Oct 27,2021

Take a look at the album of electro permanent magnetic lifters that HVR MAG produced, with lifting capacity ranging from 500kg to 3000kg.

(1100lb) 500kg magnet lifter

(1400lb) 640kg magnetic lifter, specifically designed for lifting of steel profile

(2200lb) 1000kg lifting magnet battery powered, remote controlled

(4400lb) 2000kg lift magnet, remote controlled, suitable for lifting steel plates, small tubes

(6600lb) 3000kg magnetic lifter, remote controlled

These steel magnetic lifters are different from the magnetic lifting beams we provided, but works on the same principle. Design varies to suit different needs. Thats what we do - tailored magnetic lifting solutions for various steel materials.

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