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Permanent Magnetic Lifter & Automatic Permanent Magnet Lifter & EPM Lifting Magnet

Dec 13,2021

Here well introduce 3 different kinds of lifting magnets that are frequently used in industry and their differences: permanent magnetic lifter, automatic permanent magnet lifter and electro permanent lifting magnet.

These three type of magnetic lifting device all utilizes magnetic force to do the lifting job, the difference lies in their working mechanism and safety features.

Lets start with the most common type, permanent magnetic lifter. Hand operated, with on and off switch, requiring no power supply, compact and portable for use in various workshops where steel material needs to be moved. The lifting capacity can range from 100kg to 6000kg. Once been switched on, the magnetic lifting force can be on forever unless you switched it off manually.

The second type, is an updated version of the first one, automatic permanent magnet lifter, which attracts, holds and releases a flat ferrous part alternatively every time it raises from ground and lands on the ground, without manually turning a lever and without any electrical power supply. It is a necessity for loading and unloading steel plates from burn tables or anywhere that limits operator access, and performing repetitive lifting task.

The biggest advantage is that it allows for automatic lifting or release of load, no manual operation required.

The last type is electro permanent lifting magnet, also referred to as electrically switched permanent lifting magnet. As its name suggests, once generated by electric power, its magnetic force will be released by permanent magnetic materials.

This magnetic lifting equipment does not used electricity when lifting loads. That is to say, they can remain holding of the heavy steel even if the power supply suddenly goes off, which make it the safer than the other two industrial lifting magnets.

Magnetic lifting is primarily used for lifting and transporting steel plates, tubes, blocks, and other industrial steel material. Engineering machinery, shipbuilding, and automobile are the most common industries where these permanent magnetic lifter is used.

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