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New Shipment of 2 Sets of 11 Ton Electrically Switched Permanent Lifting Magnets

Jul 16,2021

Today's new shipment is 2 sets of electrically switched permanent lifting magnets, to be delivered to a domestic client who is in need of magnetic lifting devices for steel plates.

The rated lifting capacity of electrically switched permanent lifting magnets, is 11 ton. Designed with 11 sets of HEPMP-500P50 electro-permanent magnets, symmetrically distributed on each side of the spreader beam. This multi-point lifting design can not only adapt to the deformations of steel plates, but also enable selective control of magnet lifters accordingly for plates of different size.

Detail tells quality. From the structural design of the electronically controlled permanent lifting magnets, to the trial lift before being loaded onto truck, the protective packing of magnet lifters & beams, and the carefulness shown in truck loading, every single detail reflects the craftsman spirit of HVR MAG.
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