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Electro-permanent Magnets Sparkle in "2021 China Maker Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest"

Jul 20,2021

2021 "China Maker Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Tiyuan District, Zhuzhou", kicked off on July 16, in the Human Resources Industrial Park of Power Valley in Zhuzhou High-tech Zone.

Mr. Davisn Ren, general manager of HVR Magnetics Co., Ltd., won the third prize in the entrepreneurial enterprise group in this contest, for his competing project "R&D of Key Technologies of Electro-permanent Magnets and Their Applications in Industrial Automation".

As candicate No. 10, Mr. Davisn Ren, General Manager of HVR MAG, took the stage to deliver a brief speech on his project, covering the shortcomings of traditional mechanical robot grippers & electromagnet grippers, like inability to remain gripping of steel parts in a sudden power outage or failure, and the competitive edges of electro permanent magnetic products produced by HVR MAG, and their applications in industrial automation.

What's more, Mr. Davisn will be running for 2021 "China Maker Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest - Urban Competetion" next week. Stay tuned with us!
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