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How to Choose Customed Lifting Magnets for Your Steel Handling Process?

Jul 26,2021

There are many types of lifting magnets in the market, which seem to be able to do the same lifting job of steel material. However, being able to lift doesn't mean that they can help you get the most of material handling process.

Therefore, it is quite important for manufacturers in steel industry to know how to choose customed lifting magnets system for their steel handling process, to maximize the handling efficiency.

Step 1: Specify your steel handling requirements, type of load, plates or pipes, single or multiple sheets handling each time, bundle lifting, vertical lifting, etc.
Step 2: Provide detailed specification of your steel material, ie weight range of the load, size information, etc.
Step 3: Approach a reliable & professional supplier and manufacturer of steel lifting magnets, like their industrial experience, qualifications like CE, ISO, production capacity, overall sales volume, technical support, after sale service, etc.
Step 4: Confirm the feasibility of the magnetic lifting solution that they provided through mutual communication.
Step 5: Familiarize yourself with all the professional operational instructions before use.
Step 6: Inspect the lifting magnets after receipt and conduct a test of this lifting equipment to see if it functions as expected.
Step 7: Keep in touch with the supplier or manufacturer of the magnetic lifting device for any further after sale service problem.
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