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How Did HVR MAG Make Permanent Magnet Materials More Attractive?

Jul 28,2021
All the magnetic force of HVR MAG's magnetic products, comes from the core part of 2 different types of permanent magnet materials: Neodymium and Alnico. Then how did HVR MAG make permanent magnet materials more attractive to steel workers and injection molders?

Let's take a look at the pictures below, which were taken in HVR MAG’s manufacturing process. Can you come up with a name to the staff that the machine's drilling?

It's an industry terminology, what we referred to as magnet poles (not the concept in physics) - a round or square steel shell where permanent magnet materials were put inside. 

The round magnet poles, are mainly used for the manufacturing of magnetic mold clamping plates for quick mold change system in injection molding.

The square magnet poles, are used for the manufacturing of steel lifting magnets, machining workholding magnetic chucks and magnetic grippers used in robotics.

The reason why HVR MAG's magnetic products are becoming more attractive to clients in totally different industries, is that all the magnetic solutions we provide are custom engineered in accordance with the specific requirements and working conditions. Contact→Communication→Solution→Goal Achieved.

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