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New Features of 5000kg Magnet Lift for Steel Coil

Jan 13,2022

Come and meet our newly manufactured 5000kg magnet lift for steel coil, and learn about its new features.

Features of this newly designed magnet lift for coil:

Specifications of steel coil magnet lift:

Notice for use:

1. The lifting process cannot go over personnel or equipment.

2. Overloaded/oversized lifting is strictly forbidden.

3. Please make sure that the surface of magnetic pole is in complete contact with the object to be attracted before magnetizing.

4. Please read the manual and precautions carefully before operation.

5. It is forbidden to turn off the landing detection function when in normal use.

6. Disassembling of this live equipment is prohibited except professionals

All the new designs and features of magnet lift, are based on client’s request. And that’s what customization does. As to coil lifting, we can also do horizontal eye magnetic lifter. Please go to our product page to discover more.

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