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Lifting Magnet Manufacturer Shows You How to Handle Steel Plate Safely and Efficiently

Jan 11,2022

Below is the newly designed steel plate handling equipment by lifting magnet manufacturer HVR MAG, for safe and efficient handling of steel plates in a steel fabricators workshop.

The rated lifting capacity of this magnetic lifting device was 25 ton, specifically designed by lifting magnet manufacturer HVR MAG. That is to say, it can handle a steel plate weighing up to 25 tons safely.

For lifting steel plates of varying thickness and weights, once magnetized, this electrically switched lifting magnet with release, can automatically pick up one sheet each time without picking up the second one. Thats feasible due to the adjustable magnetic force. No more manual separation/fixation of plates where plate clamps are used.

With regard to the safety of the lifting process, lifting magnet manufacturer also did a lot of work to ensure that. Each set of our magnetic lifting equipment for steel, is designed with a landing detection device, which only allows releasing of the heavy plate when it touches the floor.

Various requirements and conditions make different magnetic lifting solutions. Lifting magnet manufacturer HVR MAG also supplies battery lift magnets for uses in places where power supply is restricted. Learn more about the applications of our magnetic solutions, welcome to visit our website.

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