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Electric Lifting Magnet VS Electro-permanent Lifting Magnet - See the Difference

Jan 06,2022

Lets see some frequently asked questions about electric lifting magnet and our electro-permanent lifting magnet by clients inquiring about a proper set of steel handling equipment.

Q: Ive been using electric lifting magnet. Yours are electro permanent lifting magnets. Whats the difference between them?

A: From either the aspect of energy consumption, or lifting safety, electro-permanent magnets are much better than electromagnets. Their biggest difference lies in the working principle - their requirements of electricity.

As electric magnetic lifting works on continuous supply of power, a sudden power outage or decreased current due to coil heating, could affect the overall safety of its lifting process, which is not a good thing to the user.

The electro-permanent magnetic system, however, is composed of 2 different types of permanent magnetic materials, which act on the workpiece at the same time in lifting, and their magnetic fileds cancel each other out when in demagnetization state. In other words, this type of magnetic lifting system only uses electricity to switch the magnetic force on and off, can consumes no power during the lifting process.

When to use these two different types of lifting magnets?

For bundled steel like rebars, pipes or tubes, electromagnetic lifting magnets are the best choice for the handling job due to their deep penetration of magnetic flux. The EPMagnetic lifting cannot do that.

For precise single steel plate lifting, like stacking/destacking, or loading/unloading for cutting tables, the electrically switched permanent lifting magnets are more fit for the job, as the penetration of their magnetic flux is not so deep as the electromagnetic type, which could pick up 2 or more plates each time.

Other advantages that you dont know about epm lifting magnet

When choosing the proper lifting equipment for material handling, lifting safety is the top priority that has to be taken into consideration. What will happen if the power supply suddenly stops working?

Due to its magnetic property, electro-permanent lift magnets can remain holding of the plate or load, even if the power suddenly goes off. This adds extra score to its performance on safety.

Other than this, magnetic lifting system supplier HVR MAG, can also provides customization service, designing permanent electric lifting magnet that handles steel plates of varying lengths and thicknesses. Learn more about us and our magnetic solutions for steel lifting, please go to our website to find out more info or contact us for query and support.

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