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Automatic steel bar feeder with magnetic gripper for punching machine

May 18,2022

High temperatures, dust, oil and noise are inevitable working conditions in the parts manufacturing industry. More and more young people are reluctant to work as front-line workers in factories, and companies face recruitment difficulties. The automation challenges posed by the many product categories, heavy workpieces, frame deformation and disorganized stacking are enormous.

A customer was plagued by the same problem. He urgently needed an intelligent multi-category bar type disorderly loading solution, compatible with multiple specifications of bar material, to achieve flexible production, fast changeover, reduce total costs, and improve the state of recruitment difficulties. HVR offers a solution that makes the whole system work, easy to use and pleasing to use.

1. High magnetic force power and low cost

The automation system has a sensing system that recognizes reflective, white and black bar stock. HVR magnetic grippers use their magnetic force to pick up and place. The handling parts will not fall down but remain attached to the magnetic gripper even in a power outage. The electro-permanent magnetic grippers merely require 1-2 seconds to magnetize and demagnetize. It reduces the cost.

2. Adaptable to a wide range of bar materials and fast, flexible changeover

Versatile to dozens of bar materials, magnetic grippers easily cope with loose and messy bar materials and pick&place bar materials per 10 seconds. To some extent, it significantly improved productivity.

After using HVR magnetic grippers, our customers provide feedback on our magnetic grippers.

1. Significant improvement in production efficiency, filling the gap in manufacturing manpower

Successfully achieving 10 seconds per bar material loading beat and 24 hours of non-stop machine loading completely solve the problem of manual loading efficiency due to heavy material, large quantity, and physical strength decline.

2Strong adaptability and high flexibility

The system is highly adaptable and compatible with different specifications and weights of bar stock loading, solving the problem that the current loading machine cannot meet the problem of automatic loading of multiple categories.

3. Easy operation

The average technician can get started within two weeks.

The loading method of a component manufacturer determines the efficiency of the product and is the key to efficient operation. HVR MAG constantly innovates and optimizes its magnetic products to meet your unique needs in increasingly demanding market demands for industrial sorting scenarios.

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