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Why are magnetic grippers so attractive to manufacturers?

May 06,2022

Grippers are an essential part of robotics and automation. There are many applications for robots in the manufacturing process, with the most frequent uses being found in assembly, picking and palletizing applications. Robotic arms can perform repetitive tasks accurately and without taking a rest, outperforming human workers in terms of reliability and availability. These days, there is a trend to use magnetic grippers. Why are magnetic grippers so attractive to enterprises?

What are magnetic grippers, and how are they used?

Magnetic grippers use a magnetized surface to pick up metal items. 

The magnetic grippers can be classified into three common types:


-permanent magnets

-electro-permanent magnets

Magnetic grippers can handle a wide range of potential applications. Magnetic grippers are widely used in industries where sheet metal and automotive parts are moved along an assembly line. Typical applications are raw steel parts such as tubing, steel plates and square tubing. Magnetic grippers can grip one surface so we can pick up individual components without disturbing the part beside it.

There are advantages and disadvantages of electro-permanent magnetic grippers.

Advantages and disadvantages of using electro-permanent magnetic grippers

There are pros and cons to choosing electro-permanent magnetic grippers. First, let us explore their benefits. 

-Decreased costs and increased safety: Only a brief current pulse is needed for activation and deactivation. Once the magnet is on, no more electricity is required. It is reliable on emergency-stop occasions. There is no need to worry about safety. They save energy and provide a safer and more economical environment. Magnetic grippers also require low maintenance, making them a flexible and cost-effective choice for companies.

-Increased production: They can handle various sizes and shaped workpieces. Magnetic grippers only require one surface to grasp small or irregular materials. It does not require different designs for holding different sizes of materials. An automated robot can work at a constant speed without pausing for breaks. They increase efficiency.

-Improved quality: magnetic grippers’ accuracy reduces the number of quality defects, decreasing waste and rework costs.

-Attract more customers: with the reduction in schedule and cost, your company will attract more clients. With industrial robots, you can also increase the variety of products offered.

The limitation of magnetic grippers is that they can only handle ferromagnetic materials.

Continued growth in magnetic grippers

Industrial manufacturers are focusing on improving production efficiency and supply chain process. This factor drives the global robot grippers market. There are countless opportunities and applications for magnetic grippers. The rapid adoption of automation processes across regions further boosts the demand for magnetic grippers worldwide.

HVR is a popular choice for you; if you have any questions about HVR electro-permanent magnetic grippers, please talk to us today!

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